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We practise an economical use of energy and we strive to achieve our energy balance sheet.

The energy certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 is succesfully embedded in all operational processes and strategies of our company policy.

To economize energy efficiently, to act responsibly towards energy and to minimize the energy consumption systematically – the energy management includes all sectors such as development, production, storage, transport, sales right up to waste disposal.


Measures and targets

The management and the staff are working out together measures and targets how we want to practise the energy program.

We want to advise and motivate our partners and suppliers to follow our guidelines concerning energy. Suppliers and service providers who are integrated in our operating flow can possibly cause needless energy consumption in case of wrong behaviour. Due to this we expect that they observe our energy guidelines.

As a part of the society, WEG is in dialogue with the general public and works actively together with all social groups.

We act forward-looking by using the best technologies in due consideration of the economical possibilites. Our target is a continous improvement of our company energy balance sheet. Thereby we orientate on existing and forthcoming regulations and requirements.